Digital Screen Advertising

Using AI object recognition

Show custom advertising to passing people (audience) with the help of automated object recognition.

Picamera object recognition is easy to setup and easy to maintain. Software updates etc are mostly done on the server side. No need to visit camera location.

1. Raspberry Pi based client (cheap, about 50eur) sends images to server (WIFI or LAN needed).
2. Server analyzes images and saves results to DB.
3. Client (Raspberry Pi) reads database and shows custom advertisement on the connected big screen or TV.
4. Data-Analytic possibilities: how many people passing per day, which gender, age etc.


-Custom ads for chosen audiences.
-Example audiences: male, female, children, pets, cars etc.
-Adserving analytics and reports. (For example which client has most female audience -> show more perfume advertising)


-Custom ads for passing traffic can be shown on the screen. If no wanted audience, then generic ads can be shown.


Please contact us if you want to have AI based custom advertising on your business window or some big screen.

We are interested developing this further and are looking for business opportunities or partners.

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Live feed Tampere -AI object recognition

dormer windowdormer window-0.507:tree-0.592:palm tree-0.511:house-0.876:
24.06.2022 13:45
dormer windowdormer window-0.523:tree-0.593:house-0.864:
24.06.2022 13:43
dormer windowdormer window-0.522:palm tree-0.575:house-0.878:
24.06.2022 13:41
palm treepalm tree-0.513:house-0.863:
24.06.2022 13:39
palm treepalm tree-0.537:house-0.875:
24.06.2022 13:37
windowwindow-0.515:palm tree-0.526:house-0.874:
24.06.2022 13:35
palm treepalm tree-0.538:house-0.852:
24.06.2022 13:33
dormer windowdormer window-0.519:palm tree-0.526:house-0.876:
24.06.2022 13:31

Traffic analysis

  • Basically camera follows your passerby traffic 24/7.
  • Collected data can be analyzed and segmented in many ways.
  • Valuable information about time of day, traffic type, gender, age groups etc.
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